Professional Organizers

  • Hourly Services - $45 per hour, then 15 min increments, $55 per hour applies for service after 5pm or weekends.
  • There is a one (1) hour minimum charge for all services.
  • Hourly rate does not include cost of merchandise, postage, freight, fees, etc...
  • Cancellation requires 24 hour notice for all scheduled services. A one (1) hour minimum rate will be charged with less than 24 hour notice.
  •  Because life is unpredictable, same day service request will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Family & home

concierge services

No matter your lifestyle, there are times when you wished there where more than one of you.  No need to duplicate yourself when you can have your  own personal concierge.

  • errands ~ general courier, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, laundry, prescriptions, post office, UPS, FedEx, library, video rentals and more...
  • shopping ~ groceries, personal items, Costco/Sam's, drug store, pet store, hardware store, gift purchases, returns/exchanges, back-to-school and more...
  • wait service ~ at your home for contract service and repair appointments
  • vacation/travel ~ check on home, plumbing/heating, bring in mail and newspapers, lights off/on, water plants, and stock refrigerator for your return
  • holiday and special event helper ~ gift shopping, wrapping, shipping and more...

Is your "TO DO" list longer than your arm? Is your "TO DO" list growing faster than a toddler? Do you spend more time jugging errands than you do enjoying life? Or, do you just need a helping hand?

There is a solution...  HIRE YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL CONCIERGE!Anchorage.

personal concierge in Anchorage

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LIVE LIFE ORGANIZED by scheduling weekly, monthly or annual services. 

Errands can be customized your busy life sTYLE AND needs. If you don't see a service that you could benefit from call 907.360.0465    As soon as possible. 

  • busy professional ~ long on errands, short on time
  • busy family ~ so few hands, so much to do
  • student ~ so many demands on your time
  • senior ~ just need a helping hand
  • disabled or home bound ~ not able to get around
  • traveler ~ living the life of leisure or off on a business trip