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"I just have to tell you we LOVE the new set up in the pantry!!!!!! I am not kidding - we just walk in there and look around marveling at how it feels like there is so much more space now that everything is in its own place. :) Seriously my husband and I wander into the pantry and go WOW!! :) See you tomorrow."


Anchorage, Alaska


"Thank you. My Husband was totally shocked at how much work was done. I heard him up in the bedroom saying, WOW, over and over.

That was a lot of work!!!"


Anchorage, Alaska


"Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

   ~Albert Einstein

a professional organizer in the Making...

As I remember, it all began with my first Barbie and Midge dolls. Little did I know that my little-girl efforts to arrange their clothes by color and pieces then facing them all in the same direction, that I was actually performing the tasks of a professional organizer. Growing up, I shared a bedroom with two clutter bug sisters. As history has it, I was the one who perpetually cleaned and organized our shared living spaces. "Everything has a place and everything goes in its place,"was my mantra. My organizing, however, wasn't limited to our bedroom; you could find me organizing throughout our home. I would remove everything from our linen closets, cupboards and pantry and even the garage, just to clean and reorganize. For me it meant there was order in my life and I loved seeing our home hoelean and organized.

Fast forward. Today I am in business doing what I love and what has come natural to me. NO! Not keeping Barbie and Midge in the most current fashion with the best organized closet in town. Though, if I still had my girl friends, I would be tempted. Now I am helping others bring order and joy back into their lives by organizing entire homes or just an office, kitchen, garage, crawl space, storage unit, craft room - you name it. In some cases I keep my clients choose scheduled maintenance sessions to keep organized.

Confucius once said, "Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life." That is exactly what I am doing. After many years of working in various industries, I finally landed in a profession I can totally immerse myself in and feel completely rewarded.

I am a long-time Alaska resident with a love for the state and the lifestyle it offers. A business graduate from University Alaska Anchorage, with emphasis in marketing and management with an international option, I have 30 years experience with brand and market development in the food service and Alaska seafood industries. Though it may seem a far reach from working with seafood to professional organizing, the same business principles apply, and I am doing what comes natural and what I have a passion for.

Since 2009, I have been HONORED to be invited into personal life situations. I am rewarded each and every time order, simplicity and joy is restored to my clients' lives.

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